Heart Sense tested in critical surgical situation

Heart Sense tested in critical surgical situation. 

Lately, we have checked functionality of Heart Sense in critical surgical situation. Heart Sense was placed on the beating animal heart while severe hemorrhage from left ventricle was created with ongoing tachycardia (heart rate exceeding 120 beats per minute). We aimed to check if adhesive layer reacts with blood and still can keep Heart Sense in place even when heart contracts 2 times faster than normally. Such critical situations may occur in future clinical practice. 

During whole time of experiment Heart Sense did not move from initial position and all the time ECG signal was clearly demonstrated on cardiomonitor. We found adhesive layer of our probe increases its adhesive force when in contact with blood. This was anticipated knowing the characteristics of adhesion promotor – but never nested. 

Now, Heart Sense is ready to be checked in real clinical environment.