Heart Sense reached another MILESTONE by the end of this summer

By the end of summer, we wanted to reach very important MILESTONE for Heart Sense technology, so we pushed quite hard. 

We performed the final in-vivo experiment – another cardiac surgery on animal off-pump CABG model. This let us to evaluate the functionality of new Heart Sense prototypes and choose the BEST ONE for final technology version. And it is done! We have it! 

A particular aim was to assess the ECG signal conduction with increased conduction resistance of new prototypes and their ability to cooperate with a cardiomonitor operating in automatic mode (automatic setting of the ECG curve scale). The second aim of the experiment was to evaluate the adhesion of new probes after longer drying time and subsequent sterilization.

As technology is ready for next step, we submitted an application for EIC Accelerator. This financing will enable us to create production line in accordance with ISO 13 485, conduct clinical trials and finally receive the CE mark. 

Heat Sense is also open for investors to join for final round.