Heart Sense detects cardiac ischaemia better than standard ECG system

We have confirmed that Heart Sense can detect cardiac ischaemia during cardiac surgical procedures. Detection of ischaemia with Heart Sense was positive in 100% while standard ECG system failed in all cases. 

On a several pigs we have reconstructed off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting (#CABG) procedure. The heart was positioned typically for bypass grafting on each and every heart wall. Then we have ligated coronary artery to introduce myocardial ischaemia. Ischaemia was not visible on cardiomonitor when standard ECG monitoring was used. But when we applied Heart Sense instead of skin electrode then cardiac ischaemia was immediately presented on ECG monitor. We found typical ST segment elevation in ECG signal showing myocardial ischaemia. 

In such simple study we have proved better sensitivity of epicardial ECG monitoring in comparison to routinely used standard skin ECG monitoring during heart surgery. 

In all animals induced ischaemia lead to life threatening arrhythmia. Thus, it should be studied how many of such events occurs in real life clinical practice. By introducing Heart Sense we intend to increase safety of off-pump CABG (#OPCAB).  

Heart Sense can be added to heart stabilizer (any available type #Medtronic Octopus #Acrobat #Gettinge #Maquet #Terumo #Estech).